Travel Agencies Help Businesses Do Business

Making good use of timeBusiness travelers face obstacles normal travelers often don’t. Where tourist might not be happy about a delay or cancelled flight, it probably won’t have long-term ramifications. For business person, a travel delay can mean they miss an important meeting or could even cost them a lucrative deal. That means that self-booking is a much bigger risk for the business traveler. Self-booking means that you’re on your own when things go wrong and leaves you at the mercy of the airline’s solution.

A travel agency, like one located at 6330 East 75th Street, Suite 136, Indianapolis, IN 46250, provides business travelers with an extra layer of protection. Unlike a self-booked flight, when an agency books your business trip, they become your representative from the moment you leave until the moment you arrive home. If you get to your connection and find out your flight has been cancelled, you don’t need to try to make new arrangements yourself or wait for a flight tomorrow. You can call your agent and they can negotiate with the airline or get you on a different flight, often within an hour or two. You still make your meeting.

The travel agency can also make sure that your business trip has all the technical support it needs. Are you planning on giving a presentation to potential new clients? Your travel agent can make sure that you get booked in a hotel with a conference room, secure the room for you, and ensure that the conference room can support your audio-visual needs. If you’re giving the presentation off a laptop or tablet, they’ll make sure the conference room has the necessary connections or WiFi to get that presentation off your device and onto a screen.

If you’re traveling with a group, a travel agency can expedite the process of booking you a block of adjacent rooms on the same floor. It might not seem like a problem if you’re on different floors when booking from the office. After all, how hard is it to hop on the elevator or walk up a flight of stair? After a long flight, though, it might seem like a much bigger problem to move between floors, especially if you still need to finish prepping a presentation or going over deal information. If someone forgets something in a room two floor down, the entire process grinds to a halt while you wait. If they just need to go two doors down, it’s barely a blip.

Travel agencies help business do business by simplifying the travel process and providing support. Instead of fretting over flights, finding out if a hotel’s conference room meets your needs and being on your own if things go wrong, a travel agency takes on the responsibility of minding the details of travel, so you can mind the details of your business. To get travel agency support for you next business trip, head over to 6330 East 75th Street, Suite 136, Indianapolis, IN 46250, and let them manage the travel details.

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